Maja Ljungbergs jewellery line is made from both vintage and newer components. Materials range from brass, copper, silver, glass, plastic and stones to leather, feathers and ribbons.
As the vintage and old stock- materials often are available in limited amounts only, the pieces will be made in smaller quantities and one offs.
Maja Ljungberg started making jewellery after a trip to India in 2001, using semi precious stones purchased in Jaipur. Since then the materials have changed according to availability, trends and mood.
The jewellery has been for sale in shops and galleries in Norway and Sweden, and are currently available at Studio N4 and Love your look in Oslo, Galleri Kørsbærsgården in Gotland and through the webshop.

The webshop opened in november 2011.

We ship from Norway.

Home Office
Grenseveien 29, 0575 Oslo, Norway
Körsbärsgården Café & gallery
SUNDRE VÄSTERGÅRDE 135, 623 30 Burgsvik, Sweden
Café, Garden and Fine Art Gallery.
Love your Look
Oscars gate 81, 0256 Oslo, Norway
Jernbaneveien 4, 0667 Oslo, Norway
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